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Ben Gibbard talks with Chris and Jonah about breaking his wrist, why people love when musicians cover songs, and how The Postal Service came to be. They also talked about Death Cab for Cutie’s new album Kintsugi, their upcoming tour and Ben plays a song live!

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Kal Penn talks with Chris about how he started working in politics, the current state of politics and the influence the youth has on government. He also talks about still being recognized from Harold and Kumar, being typecast and his new shows Battle Creek on CBS and The Big Picture with Kal Penn on Nat Geo!

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The Amazing Randi talks to Chris and Jonah about how he came up with his tricks back in the day, how he figured out and performed them and Johnny Carson smoking throughout every show. They also talk about the making of his documentary An Honest Liar!

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Director Joe Lynch chats with Chris, Matt and Jonah about his first job editing porn, filming in Serbia, and their time together at G4. They also talk about what really happened with Knights of Badassdom and his movie Everly!

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Some hostful fun to start off your weekend! The guys talk about The Jinx and Robert Durst, Chris’ recent trip to St. Louis and Jonah’s parents trip to LA. They also talk about an abandoned Disney water park, what pushes their buttons the worst and Matt makes an announcement!

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The Workaholics, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, talk with Chris about working so much it ages you, what a Workaholics porn would be like and what comedy they used to be into when they were kids. And they talk about the newest season, on Comedy Central Wednesdays at 10pm!

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Brian Michael Bendis chats with Chris and Matt about living in freezing Cleveland, starting his career in comic books and teaching comic book writing. They also talk about the rise of comic book fandom and the new Playstation original series Powers and his book Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels!

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Josh McDermitt talks to Chris and Matt about what they think Chewbacca smells like, Josh tells the story of one of his most embarrassing times onstage and Matt and Chris pitch some Walking Dead ideas. They also talk about what would happen if they went back in time and Josh talks about his days on the radio!

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The hilarious Kurt Braunohler returns to chat with Chris, Matt, and Jonah about peeing in his wetsuit, being a comic in Vegas, and why they think Jonah burps so much.  They also talk about Kurt's jet skiing trip, making the webseries Roustabout, and his podcast The K Ohle, right here on Nerdist!

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The very talented Jack Antonoff chats with Chris and Jonah! They have a deep conversation about death, prioritizing what is actually important in life and how they cope with the anxiety of their careers. They also talk about the new Bleachers album and how Jack writes the songs and chooses where they go within an album!

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