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Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche are LEGENDS of the voice over world. Between the two, you've heard them in Animaniacs, Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron, The Simpsons, Back at the Barnyard, Justice League, Dexter's Lab, Ultimate Spiderman, Futurama, Looney Tunes, Toucan Sam, Harvey Birdman, Johnny Bravo, as together as PINKY AND THE BRAIN. I love these guys so much and how they play off one another that I had them on together. "Countries of the World" and Orson Welles are GUARANTEED in this episode. I promise it will make you happy on a deep, deep level. Language alert for tiny ears! There's a bit of swearing (when is there NOT on this show?) but lots of fun and hugs, too!

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It's some hostful goodness live from Austin, Texas! The guys talk pizza, do a sing-a-long with the audience and take some quemments!

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Tom Papa comes on the show to discuss his new show The Naked Truth, his reaction to being called an asshole on stage and his theory on the pros and cons of being an in-shape comedian! This episode is brought to you by Click on the radio microphone and enter Nerdist to start a no risk trial and get a bonus offer worth $110!

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Super funny gentlemen Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele of the aptly named Key & Peele on Comedy Central talk about Michael Winslow, escalating sketch comedy and the hit television show Solid Gold. They are INCREDIBLY cool and bring a fantastic riff-tastic energy to the show. Listen! Now! Please! And thank you!

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In today's "Mostful" episode, Chris writes a new theme song for the show, Jonah shows his Hawaiian pride and Matt is going to take a vacation. And comedian Moshe Kasher drops by to say hi and talk about his new book, Kasher in the Rye!

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Chris sits down the enormously talented Neil Patrick Harris to talk about magic, growing up in Hollywood and Neil's new show that will be on the Nerdist YouTube Channel! This episode is brought to you by Click on the radio microphone and enter Nerdist to start a no risk trial and get a bonus offer worth $110!

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The super funny Rob Riggle comes on the show to discuss sports and comedy, the time Matt fixed his computer at the Apple store and his new movie 21 Jump Street, in theaters now!

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Baratunde, co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics and Director of Digital for The Onion sits down with Chris, Jonah and Matt to talk about Baratunde's book "How To Be Black", Matt tells us how much caskets cost and everyone talks political activism!

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Tim and Eric come on the show to talk about their new movie "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie", throwing pizza at audiences and what movies hold up today! This episode is brought to you by!

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Chris hangs out with the Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) in Santa Cruz before their show to talk about They Might Be Giants, podcasting and creating music that cannot be categorized.

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