The Nerdist
Nerdy nerdness comedy podcast w/ Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray & Matt Mira.

The guys interrogate each other live in Phoenix, Arizona! And Brent Spiner joins the show to talk about deciding between Night Court and Star Trek, cop shows in the 1970's, and the art of doing impressions!

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Billy Eichner talks about growing up from a strange, fat, Jewish kid in New York to having his own show, Funny or Die's Billy on the Streets! There's also talk about destination weddings, Jonah brags about reading and Billy tells some hilarious stories from his show!

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Longtime friend and comedian Scott Aukerman comes on the show to talk about his new show Comedy Bang Bang on IFC, the dangers of the 'cough button' while recording and reminisce about the past with Chris!

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The hilarious Ana Gasteyer sits down to talk about her start with Groundlings, the comedic differences between stand up and improv and being on the show "Suburgatory"! This episode is brought to you by Click on the radio microphone and enter Nerdist to start a no risk trial and get a bonus offer worth $110!

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Treat your ears to some hostful goodness, with beats provided by Jonah and Matt, answers to your Quemments, and Jonah tells us the origin of zombies!

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Michael Emerson endures much LOST-nerding from Chris and Jonah. The conversation drifts into intense character acting, potentially casting Michael as a sentient house, and fond Hawaiian memories.

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The amazing, hilarious and very talented Tina Fey is on the podcast! Chris talks to her about the difficulties of driving in New York City and how she balances writing movies, TV shows, acting and having a family all at once! Also, the penile special fx from 1983's "Sleepaway Camp" are THOROUGHLY dissected...

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Neuroscientist and science educator, Cara Santa Maria, sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about asking strange questions at museums, how Cara teaches science to non-scientists, and where conscientiousness  comes from!

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Matt and Jonah reminisce about some bad Chinese food they ate in Boston, everyone talks about the recent loss of MCA from The Beastie Boys, and Matt's stomach is still very upset.  

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The immensely talented John Lithgow sits down with Chris in NYC to talk about how he got into acting, his appreciation and love for the art of comedy and his role in The Columnist, now on Broadway! This episode is brought to you by Click on the radio microphone and enter Nerdist to start a no risk trial and get a bonus offer worth $110!

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