The Nerdist
Nerdy nerdness comedy podcast w/ Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray & Matt Mira.

It's the 5th anniversary of The Nerdist! Chris, Jonah and Matt do a live podcast at NerdMelt Showroom to celebrate. Chris' mom, Kyle and Katie join in for a bit too!

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Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of Cold War Kids talk to Chris and Jonah about being on tour, what they do in the endless hours on the road and how they became a band. They also play a couple songs off their newest album Hold My Home!

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Nick Kroll returns for the fourth time! He and Matt talk about how they get confused for each other a lot, filming the last season of his TV show The Kroll Show and their views on the OJ Simpson trial. Nick also remembers living in The Oakwood apartments one pilot season, Matt talks about his weight loss and why Chris doesn’t need to sleep!

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Jason Lee and Sam Trammell chat with Chris about life with kids, growing up skating and surfing and the many injuries they have sustained and how they broke into acting. They also talk about their Amazon pilot Cocked!

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Personal computing icon turned philanthropist Bill Gates has finally made it to the Nerdist! Chris, Matt, and Jonah caught up with Bill in Seattle to talk about how the digital revolution is turning your phone into a debit card, Bill’s earliest memories of the computer revolution, and how difficult it is to get a whole world behind eradicating disease. They also discuss the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and this year's annual Gates Foundation Letter!

And as a special add-on to the podcast this week, Chris and crew spoke with Jay Wenger – director of the Gates Foundation’s polio eradication efforts and former CDC epidemiologist – and Julie Sunderland, director of program-related investments at the foundation. They talk about why improving global health is much more complicated than just throwing money at a problem, and if the former epidemiologist is afraid of zombies.

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The amazing Rainn Wilson returns to the Nerdist! He chats with Chris, Matt and Jonah about kids today watching videos of people play video games, Chipotle burritos and life after The Office. They also talk about their favorite fast food pizza and his new show Backstrom!

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Chris chats with Ethan Hawke about hitting his 30th anniversary of being an actor, filming Boyhood over 12 years and enjoying minutiae of life. Ethan also talks about his new movie Predestination and he remembers filming Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams!

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Comedian Simon Amstell talks with Chris, Matt and Jonah about how he got his start in comedy, doing jokes about the queen and Chris’ secret dream to be a British comedy. He also talks about finding jokes in therapy and his upcoming US tour!

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Gillian Anderson talks with Chris and Matt about what life was like when she first got The X-Files, her show The Fall on Netflix, and her book A Vision of Fire. Chris and Matt also try to convince her to pi!ch an X-Files reboot for 2015!

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Some hostful goodness to start off your new year! The guys talk about what movies they have seen recently, how Chris learned how to take a vacation, and what they all did over the holidays. Also Chris started watching some new TV shows and Matt likes to take old people trips!

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