The Nerdist
Nerdy nerdness comedy podcast w/ Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray & Matt Mira.

The brilliant Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Freaks & Geeks) hangs out with Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about the importance of having a good tailor, a spec script he wrote many years ago and his new movie The Heat, out this Friday June 28th!

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BUZZ ALDRIN IS ON THE NERDIST! He sits down with Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about the current state of space exploration, his ideas for inhabiting Mars and walking on the moon!

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The legendary Billy Crystal is on the podcast!! Chris and Matt travel to Pixar in the Bay Area to talk to him about his comedic characters, being mentored in comedy and doing improv in his movies!

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Recorded just last week on 6/12, it's a somewhat hostful with special drop-ins! Peter Farrelly stops by to make a big announcement and Guillermo Del Toro says hi. And the premiere of The Matt and Jonah show!

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Fred Willard returns to the show for a full episode! He sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about the time he was on a live Nerdist podcast, the way jokes are formed and interpreted, and his role on the HBO show Family Tree!

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It's a special bonus episode featuring the Man of Steel press conference moderated by Chris Hardwick! Panelists include director Zack Snyder, producer Charles Roven, producer Debbie Snyder, Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, writer David Goyer and composer Hans Zimmer!

WARNING- There are some spoilers!

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"True Blood" Pack Master and comic book nerd Joe Manganiello chats about shoplifting comics, hanging out with Schwarzenegger, and wanting to be a professional wrestler. Also, his impressions SLAYED us. After this episode, you will want to be friends with him.

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The amazing and multi-talented Rick Moranis is on the Nerdist podcast! He talks about how he got into the entertainment business, why movies like Ghostbusters and Little Shop of Horrors are still so great and his new album My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs!

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Alex Winter sits down with Chris, Matt, and Jonah to talk about how he got into documentary making, his early love of the internet, and how he got the parts in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Lost Boys!

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Aasif Mandvi hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about The Daily Show and his new movie The Internship, and Janina Gavankar (from True Blood and Arrow) hangs out and joins the conversation!

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