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Hey Podcastinauts! "COPS: Skyrim" is a show on the Nerdist YouTube channel ( that I am thrilled we are putting out, having been obsessed with Skyrim since it came out last November (Dark Elf Mage, Level 46). When Bryan Basham (producer, "Death & Return of Superman") pitched this show to us I pleaded for a title song mash-up of "Bad Boys" and Skyrim's Dragon-tongued theme, "Dragonborn". Thanks to EG Music (Evan Goldman) it turned out even better than I had hoped. Since he made a full song that we only use a piece of on the show, I just wanted to share it in its entirety because I love it unnaturally so. I know this isn't a podcast ep in your feed, but I hope you enjoy this little bit of bonus Nerdist material nonetheless. Enjoy your goat leg burritos, and may your shouts grant you unrelenting force, young Dovahkiins! -ch

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